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As you probably understand, experience is what matters first if we talk about academic writing. Talent is good; diligence is great; experience is essential. Therefore, you’ll be glad to find out that we’ve been on this market for a while. As years passed, we learned to be flexible and reliable. And now, you can count on us in any difficult dissertation-related situation.

What makes us the best dissertation service

A couple of things make us a worthy choice. By ordering your dissertation here, you also get:

  1. Professional attitude and proper level of respect. You will never hear rude replies or impolite remarks.
  2. A guaranteed high grade. Your credits are safe.
  3. On-time delivery. It often happens that your paper is even completed early.
  4. Answers to all dissertation-related questions. Ring 24/7 and get necessary information.

What we can (and do) guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Money back

If it happened that your paper is definitely not what you expected (which is a rare situation), we will provide full refund


100% Plagiarism Free Paper

No plagiarism

We use several plagiarism checkers to avoid any sort of plagiarism in the papers delivered


Confidentiality Guarantee


Be default, your personal information is protected with all possible means and never disclosed.

Check out what other graduates say


Wow, great results! I am so sorry for criticizing my writer in the comments. I actually got an unexpectedly good feedback from my tutor.

Jessie (USA), February 2013


Please promote James, my writer. He has done everything at time. You know, he even uploaded an outline of my work, though I didn’t ask him. I guess that such smart writers are really hard to find.

David (USA), January 2012


I wanted to thank you for the talent of keeping calm and doing good work. I was so worried when dialing your number, but the girl from the support and my writer quickly dispelled my doubt. Goodbye, bad mood and thank you, Anydissertation!

Mary (UK), March 2013


If you are determined to spend time writing a dissertation on your own, here are some useful tips for you:

  1. Check all requirements before actually starting – you don’t want to find out about the word limit after you exceeded it twice.
  2. Keep a journal to write down your dissertation ideas while on the go. Having a voice recorder with you is probably a bit too much, but a small notebook will do all right.
  3. Do not carry the world on your shoulders – ask for advice. It is never a shame to request a second opinion on your approach/thesis/intention to get a degree.
  4. Start in advance and plan your work. Yes, it does sound trivial and old, but nothing is as good as time-proof techniques. This one works.
  5. Develop your own procedure to write. Find a comfortable chair, proper lighting, nice tree to work with your laptop outside; you may even put on fake glasses – anything to get you into the right resourceful state.
  6. Be on good terms with your advisor – you are only converting from a student to a scholar. He or she is already there, and his experience might be of some help.

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